Technical recommendations of Arcométal's food service equipment

ARCOMÉTAL manufactures custom made furniture and their requirements correspond to a current quality baseline. They can be adapted to the client's needs.

  • All furniture is made entirely with stainless steel AISI 304 L (18/10) or 316 L (17/12) for special designs (boat building, chemistry).
  • Top surfaces and chambers with radial angles are made with polished stainless steel, sound proofed soffits, rounded on the customer side.
  • The frames are stainless steel tubes mounted on adjustable base plates, adjustable height 150 mm.
  • Mobile furniture is generally equipped with four swivel castors.
  • Finishes and facades on the service side are in polished stainless steel with a 12/10° thickness.
  • Finishes and facades on the customer side are made in a variety of materials, depending on the client's requirements.
  • All heating appliances are regulated either by electronic regulator with digital temperature monitor or by mechanical thermostat.
  • Display racks on neutral furniture, refrigerated or heated, are on a framework of tubular stainless steel as well as the presentation shelves – radial bases.
  • The shelving levels are refrigerated, neutral stainless steel or in 8 mm safety glass, equipped with sneeze guards..
  • Curved glass shelves have a 6 mm thickness.
  • Lighting on the underside.
  • Refrigerated furniture is equipped with ventilated evaporator, thermostatic expansion valve and air-cooled compressor. Independent control of storage and above. Regulation by electronic regulator with digital display. Programmed defrosting.
  • Equipped refrigerated storage that can take GN 1/1 or 2/1 tableware.
  • Group compressors are mounted on slides.
  • Condensation drip trays, with evaporation system for mobile furniture possible as option.
  • Isolation in polyurethane foam. CFC-free, with a 50 mm thickness, for refrigerated furniture 40 mm thick isolation for heating furniture.
  • Fold-out shelves in stainless steel are made up of three linear pieces of round 30 mm ø   tubing and positioned at 800mm height in respect of regulations for the handicapped people. These shelves are mounted in the workshop with the possibility of delivery of unmounted shelves.
    The fold-out shelves can also be made in wood, granite or synthetic materials.