Environmental management of Arcometal’s food service equipment


  • Our furniture and equipment are mainly manufactured with non-polluting raw materials and/or recyclable products : stainless steel 304L or 316L, glass, wood, granite…
  • Our products are designed to limit the degradation of natural resources : refrigerating fluid R404 A, with a zero effect on the ozone layer, CFC-free foam isolation, the limitation of solid waste end-of-life products.
  • Our products are designed with a long life-cycle with normal usage of more than 7 years, and optimal energy efficiency due to the manufacturing quality which limits consummation : power adapted to the chosen capacity, low energy lighting, centralized power-off, easy thermostats and settings.

Packaging and delivery

  • The packaging used for our products is recyclable : wooden pallets, cardboard protection, recyclable black PE foil.

Traceability guarantee / professional competence

  • ARCOMETAL holds the Competence Statement ADC Liquid in category 1, under the N° 15983 issued pursuant to ArticleR543-106 of the Environmental Code of Law.
  • Pursuant to the provisions referred  to in the order N° 2007-737 of May 2007 and the decree of 30 June 2008 (J.O. 18/07/08) made obligatory for all users of refrigerating equipment, Arcométal is amongst those companies authorized to participate in all refrigerated fluid operations.