From the project to the installation

The sales service: availability, attention, long-time commitment

Its role goes beyond the simple sale of the material. The sales team is there to advise and clearly define the needs of the client, to propose solutions. Its members, assisted by the project managers, play the role of interface between all those involved and follow the project through to the installation. They will also still be available to ensure a perfect usage of the equipment.

The in-house research department: creativity and technical excellence

From the beginning, ARCOMÉTAL  has distinguished itself by its innovative furniture design. The research department, continually developing new ideas, works in 3D design using programs such as Autocad®, Solidedge® and Topsolid®, defines the materials closest to client requirements and streamlines the production. 
Achievements include product enhancing and functionally evolving buffets, the “Espace” air-curtain vitrine, copied but never equalled, the development of refrigerated granite…

For the implementation of a self service to be able to conform precisely with the constraints of a given environment and the objective of optimal circulation for users and personnel, the research department works in direct relation with all the project participants.

The manufacturing workshop : industrial size with a craftsman’s spirit

The 5000 m2 workshop is organized into small technical production islands. Each is self-empowered and has its own large work space. Experience and versatility can be expressed. 
As well as stainless steel 304 L or 316 L, a variety of materials are used, such as wood, granite, enameled, lava stone, brass, aluminum, glass, natural or synthetic stone, composites, stratified material...

By applying a policy of progressive integration and training, the leaders of ARCOMÉTAL have managed to combine the “craftsman’s spirit” with the mastery of computer and digital tools. Whether they be boiler makers, solderers, polishers, machine operators, electricians, refrigeration engineers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, fitters, each share the same experience and the same concern for quality.

External partners

Given the experience and specific nature of ARCOMÉTAL in the food service domain, many research companies, architects, decorators and designers have an active exchange with ARCOMÉTAL's directors and research department who benefit from their knowledge.

Installation of material

ARCOMÉTAL installs its materials and also works in partnership with installers and refrigeration engineers. This organization ensures faultless set up and after sales service of the equipment.