Specialist in specific manufacturing for food service

ARCOMÉTAL was created in 1979 in Saint-Gaudens. By specializing right from the start in custom made top range stainless steel self service furniture, the manufacturer saw a rapid growth in the world of food servicing, as much in France as in Europe.
Fortified by emerging types of group catering  (cafeteria, self-service, fast food…) and the previous experience of its designers, the new company quickly counted numerous private or public groups among its clients : distribution networks, hotel groups, shipping companies, the Army, the National Education Department, hospitals… the reference list is long.

After the retirement of the President,  the Board of Directors : (Jean-Marc BERRONE, Fabien LAMOLE and Frédéric MALLET) succeeded in managing the company with its fondamental principles.

The company has joined the National Union for Food Servicing Equipment (Syndicat National de l’Équipement des Grandes cuisines or SYNEG) and has invested in new digital machines – a press power and a water jet cutting table.

Its clients are divided between public institutions and enterprises, commercial group and hotel catering, convenience food services or take-away food businesses.