Top range equipment for all types of food service

The company proposes the design and manufacture of food distribution furniture that is strictly adapted to the surface area and to a specific project.  The staff of ARCOMÉTAL have, for over 30 years,  undertaken what few others are capable of doing.  They envisage technical solutions that respond to the constraints of a given project, whether self-service, display cabinet, buffet, salad bar or other food distribution material.

Quality at every stage

The town of Saint-Gaudens and the Comminges region are good places to live. Subsequently, the staff of ARCOMÉTAL are generous, competent, versatile, creative and reactive. The sales staff, the research department and the workshop, which is organized into small production units, are all associated with the project from the design stage to the installation of the equipment.

Stainless steel 304 L (18/10) is systematically used for cafeteria or restaurant equipment, or stainless steel 316 L (17/12) for special designs (boats, chemistry). For the finishes the choice is vast : wood, granite, enamelled, natural or synthetic stone, composites, stratified material... 

It's as much the mastery of stainless steel boiler making as the various materials used that constitutes the quality of ARCOMETAL's food service materials.

One of the crucial stages in food supply is the respect of the cold network, under all circumstances.  In order to guarantee a minimal temperature with a refrigerated buffet, static or ventilated or still yet an Air-curtain vitrine, the disposition or usage of the material has to be taken into account. Custom made manufacture takes on all its meaning here, but also the fact that ARCOMÉTAL installs all its equipment.

More than 30 years of shared experience

The experience shared by the workshop, research, and sales staff  as well as outside partners, is a strong part of the identity of the company. Because a customized answer is only valid if it is pertinent. Because a pertinent answer is more easily found by many.

Furniture design...

Whether it is for a buffet, a counter or a self-service unit, the furniture design benefits from a complete perspective which will make the customer feel comfortable, make him want to come back or simply serve himself again ...

... and promoting products

But the most important is what's on the plate. An ARCOMÉTAL unit can also be discreet, as with the  Espace air-curtain vitrine, a great classic created by ARCOMÉTAL.